Helping Communities Get—and Stay—Healthy

At Teva, we put our passion to work for healthier communities around the world. Our 2017 Social Impact Report shares details on how we’re doing it—this includes providing affordable medicines, collaborating with the patient groups and other organizations, enacting health initiatives and engaging in innovative research.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved in 2017 in our efforts to have a positive impact on the lives of people and the health of communities around the world, everywhere we do business. In addition to our multiple initiatives surrounding the battle against non-communicable diseases (NCDs) – you can read more about that here  – Teva is engaging in programs that address many different health issues; some of the highlights of those from 2017 include:

Maintaining access to medicine

When nearly 40,000 people in Turkey lost access to breast cancer therapy in 2017 due to local supply issues, Teva provided our U.S. generic product by leveraging our global commercial and supply groups to fast-track regulatory and medical processes. Thanks to our efforts, patients were able to maintain treatment continuity.

Supplying generics and driving shared value

Teva participates in global tenders to supply generics to the most vulnerable patients in our society. In 2017, we worked with the World Health Organization to supply a rare affordable tuberculosis (TB) treatment. We were able to supply more than 3.02M tablets, resulting in savings of more than $2,000 per patient per year. We also committed to supplying 1.58 million tablets of highly purified vitamin B6 to the United Nations to treat TB in 2017 and 2018.

Bringing prevention within reach

We launched our generic pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) treatment in Israel to prevent HIV among healthy, high-risk individuals, as part of a broader effort to reduce the spread of communicable diseases. The treatment is shown to decrease infection rates by 95 percent. More than 1,000 prescriptions were issued within months of the launch, and we helped train more than 200 healthcare professionals on how to administer it. We also partnered with the Israel AIDS Task Force to deliver educational materials.

Uncovering novel therapies for the brain and mind

In 2017, we concluded our National Network of Excellence in Neuroscience (NNE) initiative, a $15M commitment to research of brain and mind therapeutics that began in 2013. Through the program, Teva awarded 78 grants to researchers, resulting in the publication of 70 peer-reviewed papers. The research helped evolve our understanding of disease pathways and identify new approaches to address neurological disease.

The efforts we’ve made in 2017 to contribute to healthier communities serve as proof points that as a brand Teva is committed to making a positive social impact. We do this by aligning resources with the expertise and experience of our people to support relevant areas of social need. And we are fully committed to operating as an ethical, enduring business, with the understanding that this is critical to continue bringing value to our organization and to society.

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