French caregivers offer words of support

Becoming aware of your caregiving role is not always easy, and actually living it is far from obvious. That's why Teva in France has developed four brochures dedicated to this very special position in society, with insights from patients and carers themselves.

Patients and caregivers in doctor’s waiting rooms, hospitals, and pharmacies in France may come across a series of brochures that offer insights and information about the patient experience, the role of the caregiver as well as practical advice for both. Teva collaborated closely with local patient organizations (JADE, APSSII, AFSEP, Asthma & Allergies) and in partnership with the JNA (Journée Nationale des Aidants - National Day of Caregivers), to produce these informational leaflets about the role of the caregiver in four chronic diseases: breast cancer, colopathy, multiple sclerosis and asthma. 

What’s unique to these brochures is that they share information and advice from other patients and caregivers, who have been in similar situations. For example, Delphine, mother of 2 children and a patient herself, shares advice: "Break the isolation, it’s important. What helps me a lot is the courage to ask for help: from my friends, associations, health networks ... I have tapped at every door and found beautiful people on the other side, enabling me to fight isolation and maintain enough energy to enjoy time with my children." 

Marie-Pierre, whose son has asthma, offers her caregiving strategy: "Having a child with asthma is psychologically difficult. We are worried, we feel guilty easily. Meeting with other parents in the same situation is really a plus: to share experience and good ideas to refocus and release pressure."
The goal of these brochures is to help caregivers better understand what they represent for patients and vice versa: helping the caregivers identify themselves as carers, understand and control their contribution, and, no less importantly, to be recognized in this role by others.
The four brochures (available in French only) can be found on the Teva France website.

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