Pope Francis’ Special Audience with HD Families

On May 18, Pope Francis held a special audience with the Huntington Disease (HD) community at the Vatican. This remarkable event was one of the largest gatherings of the HD community ever held worldwide.

Pope Francis’ Special Audience with HD Families

Teva’s Dr. Michael Hayden, President of Global R&D and Chief Scientific Officer (R), with HD patients and their families at the papal audience.


Teva was a sponsor of this unique and special event as part of our ongoing commitment to support the HD community of patients and caregivers.


HD is highly prevalent in communities across South America where geographic isolation and the individual histories have contributed to a disease prevalence that is much higher than in other places in the world.

Our own Dr. Michael Hayden, who is known for his research in HD, was there. Also present were Teva’s Dr. Rob Koremans, President and CEO, Global Specialty Medicines and Hubert Puech Dalissac, General Manager, Teva Italy.

Dr. Hayden was greeted by the Pope and also spent time with the South American families who traveled to Italy for the papal audience.

To watch the recording of this one-of-a kind event, click here.