From Star Trek to Clinical Trials

Teva's Head of Neurodegenerative Diseases R&D, Spyros Papapetropoulous, talks to attendees at the latest Stanford University mHealth Connect symposium held on April 18, 2017 about his inspiration and vision for using mHealth (and Beyond) to Rewire Drug Development in Biopharma.


Speaking on how pharma companies are pushing the envelope in the digital space, Papapetropoulous notes, “mHealth can make clinical development better and smarter. And it’s not just mHealth. There are so many different approaches that help adherence.


We can find gamification approaches, ways to improve training, telemedicine, using social media, electronic consent, smart pills, closed loop delivery and biometric monitoring to improve the drug development cascade.”


Papapetropoulous continues, “We still need good drugs. We need effective therapies, we need to identify the right mechanisms, have the right tools, and combing with -omics and biomarkers to make the process successful.


Implementing mHealth in drug development requires, infrastructure, data integration and analytics. It also requires igniting the “innovation mindset” in pharma which requires a well-coordinated effort.”