A Progressive and Holistic Approach to Patient Care

Improving health and making people feel better also means taking a progressive and holistic approach to patient care. Behind the scenes, we support patients with a carefully monitored supply chain to ensure our medicines are safe, reliable and effective.
A Progressive and Holistic Approach to Patient Care

As people are at the heart of everything we do, our interests go beyond prescriptions to include the entire ecosystem of support and services. Since we recognize efficacy is not only about medicine, but also the environment around our patients, we are interested in how medicines are used as well as what medicines are prescribed.

Validating the Highest Quality

Our strong record in producing reliable medicines is attributable to the culture of safety and accountability at all levels of our company. Our high-volume, technologically advanced manufacturing and distribution facilities allow us to deliver best-in-class products swiftly and reliably. In 2014, we had 104 regulatory inspections at 66 of our sites by 43 different agencies, which resulted in zero critical observations. Our customers can have full confidence in our quality and supply chain.

While many patients will have the same reaction to a given treatment, others will not. Our commitment to pharmacovigilance means we devote ourselves to understanding the full range of reactions to our drugs and ensuring that our medicines are safe at all times, for all patients, as far as possible. In 2014, we maintained 137 clinical studies at more than 4,100 sites in 58 countries in different therapeutic areas. One of our new best practices is creating the narrative of any clinical study before its conclusion, so we can identify potential issues or trends and adjust trial protocols in real time to produce more accurate outcomes.

Counterfeit drugs threaten the safety of our patients in particularly dangerous ways. We maintain call centers in all local markets to immediately resolve quality complaints, and in 2014, we focused on the quality of response and defied actions to improve our performance.

Empowering Patients to Achieve Better Health

We have found time and time again that factors often unrelated to a disease or its prescribed treatment can influence healthcare outcomes for the patient. If the patient does not adhere to the treatment regimen, then its success may be compromised. In the U.S. alone, wasted healthcare costs an estimated $100 billion to $289 billion.

For more than 10 years, we have maintained well established Patient Support Programs in local markets around the world to help patients adhere to MS treatments, with extremely positive results. In 2013, we expanded it to include a dedicated team of nurses who could visit patients in their homes to show them or their caregivers how to properly administer medicines. We also hold collaborative relationships with over 250 patient organizations that offer practical support to patients as they deal with the day-to-day challenges of fighting disease. We ranked second among 18 pharmaceutical companies in a global survey of patient organizations for such programs.

Our success in applying what we know about how to improve health has been advantageous in several other programs in recent years. In Poland, we created two diagnostic campaigns to detect diabetes and liver disease. To improve adherence to prescribed treatments, we launched the Marguerite Prevention program in France, targeting multimedicated, independent elderly people. The program recommends improvements such as greater coordination between healthcare providers and caregivers and modifying medicine packaging to suit elderly patients.

We strive to help patients get the best out of the treatments available to them. This intention brings us closer to fulfilling our purpose of making people feel better.