We believe in the value of our relationships with patient organizations. We work to develop a deeper understanding of patient needs, and integrate that insight throughout our organization. In this way, we create transparent partnerships that are central to our work of supporting patients and their caregivers on the journey to improved health and happy lives.

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 Teva Guiding Principles for Patient Organization Engagement


Ethical Conduct & Integrity
— Teva personnel are expected to maintain the
highest standards of integrity in their relations
with patient organizations.


— Teva will be open and transparent regarding
relationships with patient organizations.
— Teva will publicly disclose financial support and
significant non-financial support provided to
patient organizations. Further, patient
organizations may publish Teva’s support of
their programs as they deem appropriate.
— Teva’s global policy on patient organization
engagement will be made available to patient


Mutual Benefit
— Teva’s support of patient organizations is
focused on improving the welfare of patients,
families and caregivers. Any activity undertaken
with patient organizations must clearly
demonstrate benefit to the patients whose
interests the patient groups represents
— Successful partnerships between patient
organizations and Teva must provide mutual
benefit to both organizations.

— Therefore, Teva will seek to build mutually
beneficial relationships with patient
organizations in areas where there is alignment
around objectives and priorities.


— A patient organization in partnership with Teva
must not have its independence compromised,
nor should it be perceived to be compromised,
and patient organizations retain the right to
publicly object to the positions of the company.


— Every interaction company personnel and its
representatives have with patient organizations
will comply with all government rules,
regulations and guidelines, as well as with all
applicable Teva policies.


— Teva must not use interactions and relationships
with patient organizations to promote its
products or increase commercial awareness
of its products, except in countries that allow
Direct to Consumer Advertising, and only when
done in compliance with all applicable laws and
Teva policies governing product promotion