Teva Spain’s New Social Forum

Teva Pharmaceuticals in Spain recently launched the “Teva Social Forum”, an innovative collaboration with key thought leaders to focus on the “patient as the center,” provide objective information and encourage discussion about relevant social issues and their impact on the population.
Teva Spain’s New Social Forum

The Goal: Inspire Discussion and Awareness

According to Rafael Borras, Director of Communications and International Relations at Teva Pharmaceuticals, Spain, "The well-being of patients depends on more than existing therapeutic resources. It also has a direct correlation with social welfare, the global environment, and comfort, wellness and wholeness.” He continues, “We are working in the areas of greatest concern to society. Through the Teva Social Forum we want to inspire discussion, opinions and awareness."

First Report Released

The forum has just released its first report on the image of the pharmaceutical industry in Spain. The report findings show that Spaniards acknowledge the "health benefits and contribution to the development of science" by the pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, they are critical of a perceived "mercantilist orientation in research."

Pharma Industry Image in Spain

Overall, 41.3% of Spaniards have a good or very good image of the pharma sector, a number that increases among those over the age of 56. 35.8% have a neutral image and 21.8% have a poor or very poor image of the pharma industry. In the age group between 16 and 25, most associate positive thoughts to the industry, while young people between 26 and 35 years are the most critical.

Striving for Balance and Sustainability

While opinions of the pharma industry in Spain are varied, Rafael Borras notes that, "The balance between generic and innovative medicines will enable progress in new treatments, and improve access and sustainability."