Teva Named as One of the Top 3 Best Workplaces for Women in Israel

The popular Israeli web magazine Saloona has chosen Teva in Israel as one of the 10 best workplaces in Israel. "The third place in our project is awarded to Teva, thanks to its welfare activities and its many outstandingly generous family benefits", stated the Saloona Website.

Teva Named as One of the Top 3 Best Workplaces for Women in Israel

Meet Some of Our Talented Women

Dr. Hedva Voliovitch – VP, Director of Pharmacovigilance at Teva

Dr. Hedva Voliovitch
Teva's pharmacovigilance unit is a global unit that showcases professionalism, ambition and outstanding feminine dedication.

Dr. Hedva Voliovitch, senior internal medicine physician with a master’s degree in global management from the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya and a PhD in molecular biology from the Weizmann Institute of Science, joined Teva in 1997 as Teva began marketing Copaxone in the US. At the time, Teva's management decided that a pharmacovigilance unit was needed to actively protect patients, ensure the safe use of the drug and safeguard the interests of the company.

Hedva set up the pharmacovigilance unit, and laid the foundation of Teva's pharmacovigilance approach. The unit initially focused on Copaxone, but very quickly it became apparent that there was a need for pharmacovigilance both for innovative and generic products. In addition, Teva’s accelerated globalization process required the establishment of a global pharmacovigilance department. The unit expanded accordingly, and today the department, headed by Dr. Voliovitch, includes some 300 employees, with 60 in Israel. Most are female doctors, pharmacists and biologists.

Einat Bloom - Winner of the President's Award for Outstanding Employees

Einat Bloom is Head of Quality Assurance and Head Pharmacist at Teva Israel’s S.L.A. Logistics Center. She has worked at Teva since 1998, and recently won the title of Most Valuable Employee at S.L.A. and Most Valuable Employee at Teva Israel. Einat received the President's Award for Outstanding Employee for 2013.

Einat says that winning the title of most valuable employee is a source of pride not only for S.L.A and Teva, but for herself and her family as well. According to her, it was her parents who were a great influence on her career. "My parents always told me that when there's a will, there's a way. From them, I learned that it's important to set goals and perform your work in the best way possible, while carefully maintaining your integrity and preserving your core beliefs".

"Einat won this title not only for her highly professional skills, but because she demonstrates an unusual combination of commitment to the company and her position, and a deep understanding of S.L.A. and its contribution to the patients' health and quality of life", says Aviad Bussi, CEO of S.L.A. for the past two and a half years. "Einat is a passionate individual, she shows initiative, care and compassion. Her contribution to the company is valuable and goes far beyond the scope of her duty", says Aviad.

Dr. Iris Grossman - One of Israel’s top 40 Professionals

Israel’s leading financial magazine, Globes Magazine, has selected Teva’s Dr. Iris Grossman, Head of Personalized Medicine and Pharmacogenomics in Global R&D, as one of the country’s top 40 professionals under 40 years of age in their "G40 under 40" project, published in 2013.

Iris joined Teva just over six months ago to set up and lead a new unit dealing with one of the most fascinating areas of medical science today – personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics. She is currently building the Personalized Medicine & Pharmacogenomics (PMP) Unit at Teva, which, although a small unit, holds significant global and strategic importance.

Its uniqueness is in scientific specialization in the various pathways associated with a drug’s mode of action and their effect on distinct segments of the patient population. The involvement of the unit comes into play at all stages of R&D of Teva’s specialty products, as well as in re-positioning marketed and generic products. Looking ahead, Iris believes that the unit’s strategy is very clear and that the PMP unit will play a crucial role in more and more research and development projects.