Rubbing Shoulders with Royalty!

His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales invited Richard Daniell to attend a private event hosted by International Health Partners (IHP) at Clarence House in London last week, not a bad way to spend a Friday!

 Rubbing Shoulders with Royalty!

The purpose of the reception was to launch a new initiative called EURMED which is an online tool that matches product donations to the needs of communities around the world. The system will ensure that donations are dealt with securely and effectively, it will make things easier for those donating and distributing medicines and crucially ensure that those in need receive the medicines they require quickly.

You can read more about EURMED here

HRH invited business leaders from 25 Global pharma companies to attend. The President of IHP was especially keen for Teva to be there, given our long association with and support for their organisation.

The reception also celebrated IHP’s 10th Anniversary and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales took the opportunity to thank Teva and the other companies that have supported IHP since it launched in 2004.

Since it was founded, IHP has provided a dedicated service to industry, medical Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), United Nations agencies and healthcare professionals, to co-ordinate the safe and effective delivery of donated medical aid to people in need.
Recently, there has been a growing need for a Europe wide solution to the co-ordination of those product donations. So, over the last two years three leading European NGOs involved in medical donations and the European Healthcare Industry have developed EURMED to address this issue.