Open Day at Teva's TAPI production site in Croatia

Visitors enjoyed the Teva TAPI facility tour while children delighted in a Magical Chemistry Workshop
Open Day at Teva's TAPI production site in Croatia
The Amazing Magical Chemistry Workshop

Friday, June 6th was an unusual day at Teva's production facility in Savski Marof.

To further boost its relationship with the communities in which it operates, Teva Croatia/PLIVA opened its doors in Savski Marof on Friday, 6 June to about 500 local citizens, as well as to students and teachers from nearby primary schools.

Throughout the day, children participated with enthusiasm and delight in a Magical Chemistry Workshop organized by chemists from TAPI R&D.

Teva's chemists demonstrated the amazing magic of chemistry to more than 300 children from the neighboring schools. Experiments were held groups of students according to their age and level (1st to 7th grade). All of the students were thrilled to be a part of the event, while the youngest were left absolutely breathless. The most popular experiments used liquid nitrogen to freeze roses, create mist, make magic foam and for many other creative uses. All of the children received a "Junior Chemist" diploma for their contribution to the experiments, and many said that they wanted to become scientists when they grew up and would like to work for Teva.

Throughout the Open Day, visitors also toured the Azithromycin facility, one of the most modern production facilities of its kind in the world. There they had an opportunity to learn about Teva and PLIVA, and about Teva's recent investments in facilities and equipment for environmental protection. The visitors also learned about the new production facility currently under construction, and many noted its importance for the local community.

A warm welcome to all of Teva TAPI’s visitors was offered by Zoran Bunčić, Member of PLIVA's Management Board and Executive Director of TAPI Croatia, Ernest Meštrović, Senior Director of TAPI R&D, Robert Franković, Senior Director of Manufacturing Operations, Natalija Doko Maltar, Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs, and Tamara Sušanj Šulentić, Director of Communications. In addition, many TAPI colleagues involved in the Open Day organization demonstrated their tremendous passion and enthusiasm while showing the visitors what they do.