Our Patients

When Teva was founded more than a century ago, our goal was to provide patients with accesss to affordable healthcare. We distributed imported medications to scattered communities throughout Israel.
As our company has grown into one of the world's leading healthcare companies, our dedication to patients remains steadfast.

Our Environment

SocialTeva is committed to safeguarding the environment, acts in compliance with environmental rules and regulations and supports the United Nations Global Compact Program.

Our Ethics

At Teva, we beleive it is our mission and duty to build a relationship of trust with patients, customers, shareholders and employees. Our governance and ethics practices are focused on building a culture of responsibility that extends from our Board of Directors to executives and employees.

Our Employees

SocialEvery day, Teva's employees work to improve the health of hundreds of millions of patients around the world, and their commitment is what makes our success possible.

Our Community

SocialSupporting the communities where we operate is a key objective at Teva, and we invest time and money where we believe we can make a positive impact: supporting health and wellness efforts, access to medicine, disaster relief and other needs.

Our Manufacturing


Patients worldwide rely on Teva’s products to meet their medical needs. Ensuring an unrestricted supply of safe medicines is of critical importance to us, and doing so requires a secure, accountable supply chain of trusted partner companies. In 2012, Teva completed audits of 892 suppliers globally, and more than 1100 supplier audits were planned for 2013.