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The Teva Award for Excellence in Memory of Eli Hurvitz


In 2011, Eli Hurvitz Za”l, former Chairman of the Company, who has led Teva for 57 years and served as its Chief Executive Officer for more than 25 years, passed away. Teva chose to honor his memory with an award initiative for excellence.

The Teva Award for Excellence in Memory of Eli Hurvitz was founded to underscore Mr. Hurvitz’s extraordinary contribution to society and Teva’s commitment to the cultivation of excellence in areas it perceives as essential to the thriving of the state of Israel: education, science and culture.

The 2012 Teva Award for Excellence in Memory of Eli Hurvitz

The Teva Award for Excellence in Memory of Eli Hurvitz is awarded each year for outstanding achievements that contribute to the flourishing of the State of Israel. The award is presented to individuals and organizations that have made extraordinary contributions through their activities in science, art and education.

In 2012, the Award was granted in the field of biochemistry. The 2012 Award honored two innovative and outstanding researchers who demonstrated groundbreaking research and a true spirit of excellence in science.

The Teva Award for Excellence for 2012 was split between winning recipients Prof. Dan S. Tawfik from the Weizmann Institute of Science and Prof. Ashraf Brik from Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

The 2012 Award Committee comprised: Prof. Aaron Ciechanover, Chairman, Prof. Raphael Meshulam and Prof. David Milstein.

The Award Committee’s Remarks:

The Award Committee for the 2012 Teva Award for Excellence has selected to split the Award between two recipients: Prof. Dan S. Tawfik from the Weizmann Institute of Science and Prof. Ashraf Brik from Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

Prof. Dan S. Tawfik is awarded the prize for outstanding achievement and excellence in over the course of many years, and Prof. Ashraf Brik is awarded the prize for innovative and groundbreaking research.

Prof. Dan Tawfik is an original researcher and pioneer in the structure and evolution of enzymes. Research by Tawfik has shed new light on the structure of enzymes, their function and the evolutionary processes that drive creation of new enzymes in nature. His research has also led to new methods for the creation of entirely new enzymes in-vitro. Prof. Tawfik’s work has been recognized for its importance in both theoretical and applied science, making him an acknowledged leader in his field. Throughout an impressive scientific career, Prof. Tawfik has also mentored many students who are furthering the spirit of his work through major scientific breakthroughs.

Prof. Ashraf Brik is a promising young scholar who has quickly established a worldwide reputation in the field of biochemistry. His laboratory develops novel methods to synthesize homogenous proteins for a variety of structural and functional studies. Prof. Brik’s research is both innovative and groundbreaking, and has become a focus of global interest. Prof. Brik’s work has the potential to lead to significant new contributions in research.

The two Award winners represent two generations of Israeli science excellence. As global leaders in their fields, they have made decisive contributions to positioning Israel at the forefront of research in biochemistry worldwide. In addition, both are outstanding examples of scientific and personal excellence.

The Award for Excellence in Education

In 2011 the Award was granted in the area of education. The Award Committee was headed by the honorable fifth President of Israel, Mr. Yitzhak Navon, and its members were Prof. Tamar Ariav, President of Beit Berl College, Rabbi Shai Piron, Head of the high school Yeshivah in Petach Tikva and CEO of the Hakol Hinuch nonprofit organization, and Mr. Mahmoud Diab, former supervisor, northern district of the Arab sector in the Ministry of Education. Recipients of the first Teva Excellence Award in Memory of Eli Hurvitz for 2011 were Alnuhud Association and Etgarim Association, both active in the education area. Each was granted the amount of NIS 375,000.

Alnuhud Association

The association works to promote the education of Bedouin women in the Negev (south of Israel), improve the quality of life for them, their families and their community, and lead to a meaningful social change in Bedouin society. The women heading the association believe in the power of education as a bridge between nations and between men and women toward a more just society, and in the power of women to act to better their own position and the life of their community.

Etgarim Association

The association was formed to aid in the physical, emotional and social recovery of children, youth and adults through challenging physical activities and active outdoor vacationing. Etgarim works to fulfill each person’s potential, promote excellence and create a new, positive self image for the disabled in their own eyes and in the eyes of Israeli society. The association poses a diverse social model new to Israeli society, which views the inclusion of persons with special needs as a source of change and growth.