In The Community - Israel

Teva Israel is engaged in many varied programs with the following themes:


  • Promotion of excellence in general education and science education
  • Strengthening of the Israeli science infrastructure
  • Promotion of excellence in art and culture
  • Aiding local social needs
  • Supporting voluntary activity of employees - 12% of Teva's employees in Israel are involved in volunteering activity

A selection of Teva Israel's flagship programs incudes:

Excellence in Education program

An educational program designed to increase the chances of high school students in the outer cities to attain a matriculation certificate and open the options for university education.

Teva’s ‘Havayeda’ centers - a world of science

Teva’s ‘Havayeda’ centers - a world of science

An initiative designed to promote interactive, hands-on educational information centers makes science more accessible. The main target audience is primary and high-school pupils. The children are invited to the Teva Haviada centers either as part of a classroom trip or accompanied with their parents. In the Haviada centers, there is a wealth of opportunity to learn and to become familiar with the world of science. Learning is through hands-on operation of the exhibits, guided tours, workshops, classes and science camps. Nine Teva Haviada centers are in operation in the Israeli cities and a mobile Teva Haviada center is active in the north of Israel.

Teva Chemistry - encouraging chemistry and science in high school students

This project encourages the study of chemistry in high school and at University.
The purpose of the project is to increase the number of chemists and science experts in Israeli industry. Teva initiated this project due to the shortage of chemists and scientists in the industry in Israel. The target audience of the program is junior high school students, grades 8 and 9, who are facing a decision on which subjects to major in for their matriculation examinations. The unique program was formulated by the Department of Science Education at the Weizmann Institute and the Davidson Institute for Science Education.
The coursework is taught by qualified volunteer tutors.

Teva’s ‘Founders Prize’ and Research Grants

Each year since 1993, Teva awards the Teva Founders Prize and research grants to leading researchers that excel in the field of life sciences and the bio-medical fields, in coordination with the Israel National Academy for Sciences. The purpose of this prize is to encourage scientific excellence in life sciences and bio-medical fields.

Odyssey - a Journal about Science, Philosophy and Culture

Published by a joint initiative of Teva and the Hebrew University.In October 2008 Teva first published, in cooperation with the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, a new periodical journal. The magazine bridges the gap between scientific cultures e.g. scientists at Teva, social scientists, social researchers and artists, and brings science, scientific thinking, and the rational understanding of how the world functions closer to wide segments of the population.

Volunteering for the benefit of the community

Volunteering for the benefit of the community

This program is intended to encourage and energize the involvement of Teva employees, their families and retirees in social organizations for the benefit of the community. The program offers support for volunteers in a recognized institution for four hours a month or at least 40 hours a year. Teva awards a cash donation to support the organizations in which Teva employees are engaged.


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