Lines of Operation

Partnering with Teva

Asking, Thinking, Discovering

Teva nurtures pharmaceutical progress through partnership

Asking questions, thinking about things from a different angle and discovering new possibilities are at the heart of progress. Teva seeks to partner with companies at all stages of the pharmaceutical development.
Through partnerships, Teva offers smaller companies and academic institutions access to its reputable assets and resources:
  • Proven success in developing proprietary therapies
  • Genuine commitment to projects that are selected for partnership
  • Reliance on external research & partnering to obtain products for development
  • Unmatched deal flexibility for creating a win-win situation, for both Teva and our partners


Investigator Sponsored Studies (ISS)

In an ISS, the Investigator assumes responsibility for all aspects of the investigation, including:

  • Trial design
  • Ensuring appropriate institutional and regulatory approval
  • Study conduct, including responsibility for ensuring appropriate medical safeguards, medical monitoring, and medical supervision
  • Analysis and interpretation of the results
  • Communication of the results (e.g., publications)

If you would like to request support for an ISS, please click the link below. Following our initial review, if we’re interested in learning more about your study concept, we will ask you to submit a full study protocol and budget for further evaluation to make a final determination on your proposal. You may also submit a copy of a full study protocol and budget, if available, for our initial review, but this is not required.


Submit a new clinical or preclinical proposal or access a previously submitted proposal.

Teva Sponsored Studies

Clinical trials are usually conducted in three main phases. Each phase addresses different questions that determine whether the testing of the new drug can proceed to the next stage.


Teva's Clinical Quality Management  system monitors the different phases of clinical development, to ensure the safety and rights of our participants, the reliability of data and compliance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards.


If you would like to be involved as an Investigator with a Teva Sponsored Study, please fill out our online form.