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Teva API

TAPI – Teva Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

With more than 75 years of experience and over $796 million in annual third-party sales, TAPI is the leading global supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).  ​​​

TAPI - Teva Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

TAPI is the leading international supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). With the industry’s broadest portfolio of over 300 API products, TAPI achieved third-party sales of some $692 million in 2013. A standalone unit within Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, TAPI’s history in the generic API industry dates back over 75 years. Headquartered in Israel, next to Tel Aviv, TAPI employs more than 5,000 professionals at over 20 sites worldwide. TAPI’s state-of-the-art production facilities are located in Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Israel, India, China, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States.

TAPI provides superior product quality, excellent customer service and unparalleled IP assets that protect your freedom. Our significant ongoing investment in R&D generates a steady flow of APIs, enabling timely introduction of new products to market. The large R&D group comprises over 750 world-class scientists located in seven development centers. Our dedicated professionals specialize in the fields of chemical synthesis, fermentation, high potency APIs, plant extraction, synthetic peptides, vitamin D derivatives, prostaglandins, and analytical and solid-state R&D. Read more about TAPI’s API expertise and value-added services.

Our Commitment

TAPI & you. This short phrase sums up our long-term commitment to you, our customer. At TAPI, we believe that great things come from great partnerships. We spare no effort in building and nurturing fruitful partnerships based on close collaboration and outstanding support. Partnering together, we can help you bring your high-quality generic and innovative products to market efficiently and effectively. Our commitment to you is expressed through four core values: Leadership, Quality, Service and Competitiveness.

Customer Service

At TAPI, we put the customer first. Viewing our customers as long-term partners, we continuously allocate greater resources to improve the quality and responsiveness of our customer care. Emphasizing the importance of customer service throughout the entire TAPI organization, we strive to meet and exceed your expectations. Our worldwide customers enjoy immediate 24/7 access to the TAPI support team from any location, at any time. Our support professionals provide first-rate service and deliver superior technical support to our customers throughout the product lifecycle. Our technical support capabilities include advanced R&D activities, cutting-edge customization of physical properties (specializing in polymorphic forms and bulk physical properties), and broad analytical expertise in diverse areas such as technical methods, spec approval, and standards and impurities. Your dedicated account manager is here to hear your opinions and address your needs. Whatever information or support you require, we will leverage our experience and capabilities to provide you with exceptional customer service.

Drug Regulation

The standard format for a drug product application in all markets is based on the Common Technical Document (CTD), where API information is included in part 3, section 2 entitled "Drug Substance." In addition, a Drug Master File (DMF) or Active Substance Master File (ASMF) submission procedure is required in most markets. Currently TAPI holds 286 US DMFs, 296 EU DMFs and 118  CEPs. This high number of submissions reflects the proven expertise of the TAPI RA team in the area of regulatory requirements. We continuously strive to learn from experience in order to improve our DMFs and optimize our product application processes for the benefit of our customers.

Drug Research & Development

Research & development is the fuel that sustains TAPI's leadership position. The R&D group at TAPI comprises a dedicated team of over 760 top scientists located in seven development centers worldwide. Our scientists specialize in the fields of chemical synthesis, fermentation, high potency, plant extraction, synthetic peptides, vitamin D derivatives, prostaglandins, and analytical and solid-state R&D.
Our profound ongoing investment in research & development generates a steady flow of API compounds, enabling the timely introduction of pharmaceutical products to market. Given the industry’s cost-conscious nature, about 50% of our R&D is dedicated to cost reduction through process efficiency and automation, empowering our customers to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

Pharmaceutical Quality

For over 70 years, quality has been the cornerstone upon which TAPI is built, enabling us to consistently deliver top-quality products and services. Our commitment to quality is evidenced every day by our compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, and by our positive evaluations received in regular inspections conducted by the FDA, other health authorities and TAPI customers. We achieve high levels of compliance via regular internal & external audits of all our manufacturing sites as well as continuous quality improvement according to emerging industry trends. We also ensure that our suppliers comply with quality regulations and standards through periodic audits of their facilities.


The rich history of the TAPI Division dates back to 1935 with the founding of Assia, a company that specialized in the production of veterinary and pharmaceutical ingredients. TAPI has grown by acquiring and establishing top-rated manufacturing and development facilities around the world.


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