Lines of Operation

Safety and Pharmacovigilance

Patient Safety at Heart

Teva takes all measures to ensure the safety of its products

Patient safety is at the heart of Teva's agenda and one of our core principles. All of Teva's medicines undergo thorough safety monitoring and evaluation processes at every stage of a medicine's lifecycle. We are committed to absolute transparency in exposing the benefits and risks of our medicines, and work in complete accordance with health authorities around the world.

While Teva takes all measures to maintain the safety of its products, any medicine, no matter how safe and effective, can sometimes cause unforeseen side effects (negative or positive), and it is important for physicians and patients to stay well informed and alert. The benefits of a medicine must be weighed against its possible risks, and the decision of prescribing a medicine should be based on patients’ health needs and preferences.

Our Safety Professionals

Teva's Pharmacovigilance unit safety professionals are responsible for monitoring, identifying, analyzing and reporting potential safety risks.
Our pharmacovigilance team: 
  • Takes an active part in the studies during the investigational stage, monitoring the safety of medicines in clinical use by collecting adverse events
  • Maintains an advanced database of all reported side effects that is used for effective collection, assessment and prevention of adverse events
  • Actively reviews patient side effects reported by patients, carers or health care professionals
  • Uses sophisticated techniques, computer analytics and clinical judgment to determine the possibility of a new risk once a drug is marketed
  • Is continuously monitored by regulatory authorities
  • Engages external advisory panels to ensure patient safety
  • Is involved in studies conducted with marketed Teva products

How We Collect Safety Data

Once a medicine has been released on the market, physicians, patients, healthcare teams and other caregivers can report side effects and safety concerns. These can either be reported to Teva directly or to the local authorities. All Teva employees attend a pharmacovigilance training course, to ensure effective collection of safety data within our organization.
Additionally, Teva takes active measures to analyze all collected safety data:
  • Signal Detection- A periodic review, whereby the safety profile of each product is analyzed and  evaluated to identify any possible new safety issues
  • Periodic Safety Update Report- A comprehensive report submitted to the authorities that includes safety data and analysis of risk-benefit profile
  • Risk Management Plan- Based on a specific product’s safety profile, Teva suggests additional activities to monitor, minimize or prevent identified and potential risks and adverse events

We encourage patients and caregivers to contact us or their physicians if they experience any side effect that might be related to one of our medicines. Local contact information can be found on many of our medicine packages.

Medicine Safety and You

Medicines will help you get well, avoid illness or reduce pain. By learning more about medicine safety, advantages and side effects, you become an active participant in discussions held with your healthcare team.

There are many ways to become a well informed patient:

  • Ask your physician what to expect from your medicine: what side effects may occur, whether any follow-up testing or monitoring will be needed and when to expect an improvement
  • Read the label and follow instructions. Pay attention to warnings about serious and minor side effects. Notice instructions concerning mixing medicines and avoiding certain activities while using them. Keep in mind that side effects may bring about various states of inconvenience or discomfort
  • Know your medicine- Know the names and dosages of all the medicines you take and the conditions they treat
  • Remember your healthcare history- Inform your physician of prior allergies, sensitivities or side effects experienced
  • Follow the timing and dosage instructions on your prescription- Consult with your physician if you have doubts or concerns
  • Keep track of a medicine’s effects on your body and mind. Write down any changes and consult your physician
  • Discuss affordable alternatives with your physician if you have trouble affording your medicine