Careers at Teva

Large Generic Supplier Representative

of the Year 12/1/2010
"One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising."
Jim Rohn
 Large Generic Supplier award

Returning customers are the lifeblood of any business, so there’s no

doubt that customer service ranks high on Teva USA's priority list in both our brand and generic businesses. We establish credibility with our customers when we produce quality products, but we also understand

that our ability to service our customers and meet their needs is what keeps them coming back.
We are extremely proud that Cardinal, one of our top-ranking customers recognized Teri Coward, our Senior Director of Sales, as the Large Generic Supplier Representative of the year. 
Cardinal Health has been a customer of Teva for over 20 years. As one of the leading wholesale pharmaceutical distributors in the US and abroad, Cardinal buys generics, brands and injectables from Teva.
Cardinal Health’s Neil Warren, VP Industry and Supplier Relations, praised Teri’s efforts for continuously exceeding their expectations. “From day one, Teri has worked diligently to eliminate road blocks between our two organizations. Her proactive approach to finding a solution, instead of assigning the blame, has not gone without notice. Teri has been instrumental in maximizing results by working with Cardinal Health on new generic product offerings, implementing back haul opportunities, National Logistics Center operational visits, championing a small parcel study and keeping us abreast of any current or potential supply issues.”
This type of effort reflects Teva’s values and enhances our mutual experiences.