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Our Business - Touching Lives

Building on a profound foundation of success, we are transforming the way we work while focusing on evolving medical, societal and consumer needs.

Teva’s business is closely aligned with market needs worldwide. A leader with an unparalleled global footprint, we think and act locally while expressing a powerful entrepreneurial spirit. Today, Teva is spearheading the development, production and marketing of a broad range of specialty medicines, generic medicines and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), OTC products and new therapeutic entities. Our portfolio of pharmaceutical products is comprehensive and strong, and extends to all major therapeutic areas and dosage forms. We produce more than 1,000 molecules and 73 billion tablets and capsules at 73 manufacturing plants every year. Building on a profound foundation of success, we are transforming the way we work while focusing on evolving medical, societal and consumer needs.

Innovative Specialty Pharmaceuticals

Teva's unmatched scientific and commercial expertise has propelled us to a leading position in specialty pharmaceuticals. Teva develops and manufactures specialty medicines that meet patient needs, most significantly in CNS and pain and respiratory, with additional focus on the key areas of women’s health, oncology and biologics.

Our disciplined business development capabilities ensure that these products are brought to market swiftly. Additionally, we have a focused and robust pipeline of new niche specialty products aligned with our strategic areas of focus.

Central Nervous System (CNS) and Pain Products

Teva's innovative CNS portfolio includes three leading proprietary drugs:

  • COPAXONE® (glatiramer acetate), for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • AZILECT® (rasagiline), for treatment of Parkinson's disease
  • NUVIGIL® (armodafinil), for the treatment of sleep disorders

Our CNS portfolio also includes products for the treatment of pain in opioid-tolerant adult patients with cancer, and for relief of muscle spasm in musculoskeletal conditions. Teva continues to invest in the development of non-opioid alternatives.

Respiratory Products

Teva provides high-quality treatment for people who suffer from respiratory disorders. Our innovative respiratory products improve therapeutic efficiency, increase inhaler utility and effectiveness, and prolong patient’s reactivity to treatment. Teva’s respiratory products include:

  • PROAIR® HFA, for the treatment of bronchial spasms
  • QVAR®, for long-term control of chronic bronchial asthma

Women’s Health Products

Teva develops and markets a diverse portfolio of products that promote women’s health throughout their life and significantly improve quality of life.


Teva’s Biopharmaceuticals products provide critical and unique therapeutic solutions to a broad range of severe and often life-threatening diseases.


Teva's oncology medicines are dedicated to improving the lives of people with cancer, through a portfolio of marketed products as well as continued investment in the development of novel oncology therapeutics. Teva’s oncology medicines include:

  • TREANDA®, for chronic lymphocytic leukemia and indolent B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Leading Generic Pharmaceuticals

A global powerhouse in generic pharmaceuticals, Teva touches the lives of millions of patients every day and billions of patients every year. With one of the broadest product portfolios in the industry, Teva has an unmatched impact on healthcare worldwide.

We help patients in a way that few other companies can. Our generic medicines meet critical consumer and societal needs through:

  • The most extensive product portfolio in the industry. Some 2.7 million prescriptions are filled daily with Teva’s products in the EU and 1.5 million in the U.S.
  • A remarkable track record of new market development
  • Powerful research and development expertise
  • A deep pipeline of high-value branded generics
  • Efficient, high-quality manufacturing on a global scale

OTC Products

Teva has an important and growing global OTC business, primarily through our winning alliance with The Procter & Gamble Company, which combines our production capabilities and market reach with Procter & Gamble’s marketing expertise and expansive global platform.

Unique New Therapeutic Entities

Through a unique integration of our strengths in specialty and generic products, Teva is the first pharmaceutical leader to enable an industrial-scale pipeline of New Therapeutic Entities (NTEs). These medicines address unmet patient and societal needs through novel formulations, delivery and use of known molecules. Teva’s advanced research and commercial capabilities will ensure a broad, sustained portfolio of these high-value, reasonably priced medicines.

Trusted Global API Supplier

Teva is a leading global supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), the essential raw materials of the drug manufacturing industry.

Recent Collaborations and Acquisitions

Teva’s strategy of collaborations and acquisitions is focused on small to mid-size transactions that add targeted value to Teva’s pipeline and capabilities. These transactions are linked in a unique constellation approach that reflects strategic areas of research and business development, and selective geographic investment.


Teva's recent acquisitions and collaborations include:


Swisse Wellness - November 2013: This collaboration between Teva’s joint venture with Procter & Gamble and Swisse Wellness integrates both companies’ core strengths and capabilities.
The collaboration will enable the rapid expansion of the Swisse brand of premium quality VMS products into new countries and the creation of a new global megabrand.

MicroDose - June 2013: This acquisition is a significant step towards Teva’s expansion of its respiratory pipeline, with a focus on inhalation technologies and products for lung diseases and infections that have the potential to dramatically improve efficacy and patient compliance.

Handok - December 2012: This collaboration allows Teva to gain entrance into the South Korean pharmaceutical market, currently valued at approximately $14 billion per year.

Xenon - December 2012: This collaboration boosts Teva’s ability to address patient needs in chronic pain. The agreement is for collaborative development and an exclusive worldwide license for XEN402, which has the potential for broad therapeutic use across a range of pain conditions.

NeuroSearch - October 2012: This acquisition is in line with Teva’s commitment to find new approaches to managing devastating CNS diseases, and to make a real difference to quality of life for patients suffering from Huntington's disease.

Procter & Gamble OTC Joint Venture - November 2011: The partnership between Teva and Procter & Gamble brings together both companies' existing over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and complementary capabilities to accelerate growth. This new business model combines P&G's strong brand-building, consumer-led innovation and go-to-market capabilities with Teva's broad geographic reach, its experience in R&D, regulatory and manufacturing and its extensive portfolio of products.

Cephalon - October 2011: This acquisition reinforced Teva's long term strategy of building out its branded and specialty pharmaceuticals business through diversification and expansion of its product portfolio and pipeline.

Taiyo - July 2011: Acquiring the third largest generic pharmaceutical company in Japan (together with acquiring the remaining shares of Taisho and the remaining stake In Teva's joint venture with Kowa in September 2011) will enable Teva to become a leading player in the fast-growing Japanese generics market.

Theramex - January 2011: Teva's acquisition of Merck KGaA's European-based women's health business, brought a strong brand image, a reputation for quality and a broad women's health and gynecology portfolio, sold in over 50 countries.

Ratiopharm - August 2010: Acquiring Germany’s second largest generics producer, Teva became the leading generic pharmaceutical company in Europe.